Our History

We are Bataung boo Selale nation and our Totem is the lion. Bataung means Lion Nation. The founding father of the nation is Kgosi Selale Sefanyetso, hence we are Bataung boo Selale (Bataung of Selale).

Bataung lived at Rakhotletse (Doornkom) under the Kgosi Selale Sefanyetso, the 1st Kgosi of Bataung boo Selale. It is believed this was in between year 1500 / 1600 or 1700. Kgosi Maboe Sefanyetso succeeded after death of his father (Selale). Kgosi Lesapo Sefanyetso succeeded after the death of Maboe.

Phologolo ruled before Kgosi Modise could take over the reign, because Modise was still under age. Bataung and Kgosi Modise lived at Khibitswane. During his reign approximately 1800, Bataung assisted Kgosi Powe of Bakwena ba Modimosana ba ga Ramanamela in battle by defeating his son Tshukudu who wanted to oust Powe. Kgosi Powe offered his own land Mmamogowe (Brakfontein) as reward to Modise and Bataung, by then Kgosi Tsie Sefanyetso was already kgosi, due to his father’s old age (Modise). Kgosi Tsie succeeded after death of Modise.

During reign of Kgosi Kgosane Sefanyetso, Bataung were attack by Batlhakwana tribe (approximately 1818), many bataung lost souls, including Kgosane died in the raid.

Sefanyetso Sefanyetso became Kgosi in the 1819’s. He settled with Bataung at Bothubankgo (Sefanyeskraal) which adjoins Mmamogowe (Brakfontein). During this era, Bataung grew wealthy in cattle again. During his time, Sefanyetso clashed with the Voortrekkers, especially with Daniel Robbertse over the land – which lead to Bataung fleeing to Free State. They lived at Kwakwati (near Renoster). When Sefanyetso Sefanyetso found himself growing old, he did not wish to die in the Free State and Bataung returned back to Mmamogowe (Brakfontein). A certain Cronje claimed to own Brakfontein, and the Bataung paid him to live on land. Sefanyetso Sefanyetso died in Mmamogowe on 30 March 1889.

When Kgosi Sefanyetso Sefanyetso died in 1889, his son Molefiane was already acting for him. Kgosi Molefiane was born in the year 1845. While he was Kgosi, Bataung did not own any land, they lived in Kgosi Lekgatle Hendrik Maseloane of Bakwena ba Modimosana ba Mmatau’s land. In 1902 Molefiane moved out of Bakwena ba Modimosana ‘s land. In 1911 Molefiane and Bataung bought their own land in Sefanyeskraal.

Kgosi Molefiane died in September 1923 and was succeeded by Kgosi Elias Motsei Sefanyetso who had been acting for Molefiane since 1920. Bataung were forcibly removed from Sefanyeskraal to Moubana / Ga-Sefanyetso in 19??? by the White Government. Kgosi Motsei was married to Dikeledi Lulu Mogodiri and their offspring was Kagiso, Gobakwang (Kgosikenna), Selale, Napo, Molefiane and Penny. Motsei had a child Letlamoreng Felix Sefanyetso from the second marriage with Malegwale. Kgosi Elias Motsei Sefanyetso died in 19?? .

Kgosi Josias Motsitlanyane Sefanyetso and Kgosi Letlamoreng Sefanyetso have been acting for Kgosi Justice Boikgantsho Sefanyetso. Kgosi Justice is the elder son of Gobakwang, who is the elder son of Kgosi Motsei. Bataung lets be proud, happy and celebrate bogosi ba rona.
Pula!!! Pula!!! Pula!!!

Below is genealogy for Dikgosi of Bataung boo Selale of Sefanyetso:
I. Kgosi Selale Sefanyetso
II. Kgosi Maboe Sefanyetso
III. Kgosi Lesapo Sefanyetso
IV. Kgosi Majapele Sefanyetso
V. Kgosi Phologolo Sefanyetso (acting for Modise)
VI. Kgosi Modise Sefanyetso
VII. Kgosi Tsie Sefanyetso
VIII. Kgosi Maloisane Sefanyetso
IX. Kgosi Kgosane Sefanyetso
X. Kgosi Sefanyetso Sefanyetso – reigned from year 1819 and died on 30 March 1889
XI. Kgosi Molefiane Sefanyetso – born in year 1845, reigned from 1889 and died in September 1923
XII. Kgosi Elias Motsei Sefanyetso – reigned from 1923 and died in 19—
XIII. Kgosi Motsitlanyane Sefanyetso – acting for Boikgantsho Justice from —- to —
XIV. Kgosi Felix Letlamoreng Sefanyetso – acting for Boikgantsho Justice from —- to 30 September 2011
XV. Kgosi Boikgantsho Justice Sefanyetso – born 20 February 1949, reigned from 1 October 2011 to present