Our Community

Bataung pride themselves with their cultural heritage such SeTswana dance, music, singing, drama, poetry, carnivals etc which is mostly showcased in community ceremonies, churches, weddings etc. Music and dance are also taught in schools where teachers and students organize music and dance competitions. Traditional dancers also perform in public holidays wearing traditional beaded jewellery and animal skins. SeTswana is the language of communication.


Livestock (such cows, sheep, goats, pigs & chickens) and crops (sorghum / mabele, sunflower, beans, pumpkins, spinach, onions & tomato) farming is still practised among Bataung. Employment of Bataung is in the areas of Madikwe, Pilanesburg (Suncity area) and Rustenburg.

We believe that best education and technology will yield to prosperity e.g. infrastructure development, water, sanitation, electricity, agriculture, technological advancement, business opportunities, employment rise, tourism boom etc.

Christianity is widely practised including the culture of believing, offering and ritual performing to Badimo (Ancestry worship).