Project Activity: Water and Sanitation Services

A Water and Sanitation Services Meeting was held in Moubana village (Ga-Sefanyetso) on 25th August 2014. This was a good initiative organised by BBS Development Agency (company of Bataung Boo Selale Traditional Council) to request the government for proper piped running water and sanitation to Moubana homes.

The meeting was attended amongst others by Mr Aviva Manqa (from National Ministry Water and Sanitation), Speaker and Municipal Manager Moses Kotane Local Municipality (MKLM), representatives from North West Department of Water & Sanitation (NW DWS), Rand Water, Maglies Water, BBS Traditional Council (Bataung Boo Selale) and BBS Development Agency.

The meeting took note that when Kgosi Sefanyetso took the reign three years back there was intermittent supply of water hence he (Kgosi) could not understand the current water challenge in the village. Furthermore he mentioned the areas that are behind amongst others were inadequate infrastructure, Poor water quality, absence of economic drivers and lack of classrooms & clinic & home based care etc.

MKLM as water service authority in the area responded by informing the meeting that:-

  • there used to be boreholes but have since dried up,
  • there is poor water quality due to more nitrates,
  • the one borehole with a yield of 4.5l/s, can meet the demand however the major challenge
  • is the supply of diesel to operate the engine,
  • during crises period the municipality supply water through tanks, and
  • in the long term supply of water to the village will come from Valkop scheme.

The meeting too note that the municipality has a water master plan but they are unable to implement it due lack of funds. One borehole is not sufficient to meet the future demands of the village. The National Ministry Water and Sanitation should look at how it could assist to fast track the implementation of the master plan.

Mr Manqa provided direction to the meeting by recommending that a task team be established to develop short, medium and long term plan to deal with water and sanitation challenges in Moubana /Ga-Sefanyetso village and surrounding villages. The task team will comprise of MKLM, North West Department of Water and Sanitation, National Ministry Water and Sanitation services, Magalies Water, North West Premier’s office, Eskom, BBS Traditional Council and BBS Development Agency.

Office of the speaker MKLM will play a lead role in the management of the task team.

Mr Manqa also stated that Diesel as means of energy should be done away with and a long term plan should include surrounding villages.