Your local loveLife representatives

15 March 2016

Meet the loveLife girls from Moubana  

Groundwater Optimization for Moubana!!!

14 May 2015

Article written by BBS Development Agency Moubana Village (Ga-Sefanyetso) will benefit from Groundwater Optimization Project worth R 5.9 million.

Education a Priority

19 March 2015

We believe that best education and technology will yield to prosperity e.g. infrastructure development, water, sanitation, electricity, agriculture, technological advancement, business opportunities, employment rise, tourism boom etc.

Food Security through Agriculture Projects

17 March 2015

Food Security is an excellent enabler through Agriculture Projects for better nutrition in the community.

Our Mission

15 March 2015

Our mission is to transform the economy of the community we serve

Our Values

15 March 2015

Botho (ubuntu) Portraying human kindness at all times, humanity toward others. We are one tribe, We build, empower, sustain and create each other as Morafe.