Groundwater Optimization for Moubana!!!

Article written by BBS Development Agency

Moubana Village (Ga-Sefanyetso) will benefit from Groundwater Optimization Project worth R 5.9 million.

The announcement was made by Mr T Chiloane of Moses Kotane Local Municipality (MKLM) Infrastructure and Technical Services. The announcement was made during Water Services meeting held in Bataung Admin Office on 14th May 2015.

Clr E Mashimo of MKLM ran the proceedings of the meeting, and the meeting was attended by Officials from National Ministry Water and Sanitation, North West Water and Sanitation, MKLM Infrastructure and Technical Services, Pro-Plan, Magalies Water, Bataung Boo Selale (BBS) Traditional Council and BBS Development Agency.



Mr D Kriek, consultant from Pro-Plan presented Groundwater Overview in MKLM area, Groundwater Supply Status in MKLM area, Bulk Supply Pipeline Overview in MKLM, Moubana Water Supply Status and Groundwater Optimization Project for Moubana. Groundwater Optimization Project for Moubana entails amongst others: Sitting and drilling of 1 New borehole, Yield and quality testing of 1 existing borehole, Clorination, Eskom connections, Repair of existing 30 Tanks, New 105 KL steel panel tank, New supply pipeline and Extend / repair reticulation pipelines. The project will commence in June 2015 and to be completed in March 2016.

Mr C Lobakeng from Water and sanitation NW advised on the following matters that MKLM and Pro-Plan should bear in mind before project commencement:

  • Was Hydro sensors conducted? It will provide the project with number of options,
  • Do we have behavioural records of current boreholes?
  • Maintenance of current borehole and measurement of water safety levels,
  • Was the impact of mining tested? Because this may change the project all together.

Mr A Manqa from National Ministry Water and Sanitation provided way forward: MKLM Infrastructure & Technical Services should source National Water & Sanitation plans and integrate the Municipal Water & Sanitations plans with National plans; resuscitate the task teams to become Project monitoring committee; Pro-Plan and MKLM to provide employment opportunities plan for the locals in Moubana; Communicate and share all plans to the community up front; The Project plan should be redrafted to be very clear with dates included; Define the plans into short, mid and long but National Ministry long vision is to have bulk piped water; All plans and information should be shared with other villages in MKLM and Moses Kotane Water and Sanitation Forum should be convened as soon as possible.

Kgosi B J Sefanyetso o ne a garela ka go leboga motsamaisa kopano Clr Mashimo, Rre Manqa, batlotlegi gotswa MKLM, NW Water & Sanitation, Magalies Water, BBS Traditional Council le batla kopanong botlhe. Kgosi o amogetse dintlha le dikakanyo tsotlhe, e bile o e me project mo nokeng. Ga a tshwae ope phoso ka tse di diragetseng ko morago, a re lebeng pele le go gatelela pele. Pula e le nele!!!

This water service discussion was initiated Bataung Boo Selale (BBS) Development Agency, a company of BBS Traditional Council. They commenced the discussions with Office of Minister N Mokonyane in May 2014. Through BBS Development Agency’s intervention and persistent, MKLM has finally approved Groundwater Optimizations project for Moubana commencing in June 2015. MKLM was able to share the Master Plan – Bulk Supply Pipelines.